jueves, 30 de junio de 2016

Like silver

Hello cryptoraisers the litecoin consider him dead by many miners or investors but time has gained some value where previously the price of litecoin had a value of $ 3.20 USD but nowadays is around about $ 4.10 USD so in the daily chart we see the price of litecoin has reached to touch the last Fibonacci level where a previous bearish candles touch and return can expect a trend change to the upside where the delayed price reaches break where indicated by the blue line is likely to be triggered even more otherwise if the price of candles touch the cloud and back we can continue oscillating at the price of $ 4.20 USD but surprise approaches the halving anything can happen what the Bitcoin altcoins will do the rest.
Before entering make decisions on buying or selling it is advisable to perform your own analysis.

martes, 28 de junio de 2016

gold... in digital

Here we have the stocks of Goldmoney Inc also know as Bitgold is the same company but now let's focus on the technical analysis of the shares of the company, as you can see on the chart the broked price support cloud that has been the red line which we expected to touch that line and then bounce but as we see the body bearish candle is great just would have to wait candle close below the cloud and make a correction and then try to break the cloud and have an uptrend.
In that company can buy and sell gold at a time you can use the bitcoins to buy gold.

sábado, 25 de junio de 2016

Because not everything is money

We have the shares of Tesla Motors in shart shown below (1D) can say that had a change of very strong trend which confirms the breakdown of price and delayed price (green line) with the cloud also by the crossing the "moving averages" as they are often buying and selling signals, the fall is due to Brexit that occurred on Thursday that affected several world markets.
In the daily chart we can see the change that has and also a GAP (gap in price) down can make a few corrections and go down before recovering and would be beneficial to make a change.
Remember to do your own analysis and come to your own conclusions and make the decision to go to operate the shares.

viernes, 24 de junio de 2016

Like we said

What up cryptoraisers a month ago we talked about the price of DASHCOIN where we mentioned that the price was likely to fall ... and it was so you can find the entrance where we talk about the dashcoin on the following link

So now on the next daily chart  we return to analyze the price of DASHCOIN and we can see the clear downtrend since this justify it when the price is below the cloud, so it is likely that the price into range or side and wait for a break in the following levels of Fibonnacci to reach resistance Kumo (cloud) and this analyze more in detail the price.

Remember if you want to continue this analysis to buy or sell the above asset recommend them to perform their own study and consider the risks that entails.

jueves, 23 de junio de 2016

Why the bitcoin price has dropped?

Surely wonder about the drastic fall that had the bitcoin, but first let's talk about why their rise that had some previous days, their rise was due to the devaluation that took the Chinese Yuan (CNY) where this significant influence on the price of bitcoin since also in china are important centers of mining, however let's focus on the recent slump that had the bitcoin from $ 778 dollars to $ 630 approximately, some analysis can influence the exchange house Bitfinex as it is one of platforms where mostly traded the bitcoin but a few days ago was in maintenance and caused panic among traders platform where they could not cancel their orders, another factor that could influence the price drop was the auction that took and in Australia out of 24,500 bitcoins which these were seized crime. Cryptoraiser team speculates that the price of bitcoin can reach the $ 800USD since these scenarios have already seen before. if you like to learn how to trade prices or other currencies criptomonedas and leave a comment and happy for the next entry share information about how to do technical analysis.

martes, 21 de junio de 2016

Where do you practice trading?

There are many brokersd onde do TradingCo n conventional currencies, but lately there breoker with which you can do tradin with bitcoins of which can trade stocks, forex, indices and commodities, usually prefer to operate with brokers in bitcoins, lately there is one very good it is called the whaleclub but their assets are very limited but w ay igualm is a good place to do trading.


Apparently the price of ethereum it will recover slowly since it is gaining territoria but currently the price is oscillating in one of the important levels Fibonacci retracement which is touching resistance at that level in the chart 1H of which ara a slight decline since we rely also on the RSI indicator which tells us that is in the overbought area this means you can make a pullback in price and continue up shortly after. But remember it will be to take a decision on whether there will be a Hard Fork this can also affect one way or another in the price.

lunes, 20 de junio de 2016

Get bitcoins for free each 15 minutes

to remember only can acquire free bitcoins every 15 minutes and can get a 50% commission for referring a friend only need to reach the minimum to ask your purse are about 15000 satoshis. We hope you have a nice day.

Black gold... sure

What up cryptoraisers? in the following chart we have the oil (WTI) where the daily chart we can see the bearish candles actually touch a Fibonacci level that functions as a support and made a bounce up which we confirm the change of trend by closing two bullish candles which can reach the level of fibonacci in the price of $ 51.20 US dollars and make a next throwback to the previous level where the bearish candles were, then if you make that move the oil the USD / MXN will make a similar move by example if oil rises then the USD / MXN down.
So remember this is not a recomendation to buy or sell is just a superficialy  technical study all your dessisions are by your own risk.

sábado, 18 de junio de 2016

Not now please

As you know about the theft of millions of ethers affection seriously in the price of ethereum, as we see in the daily chart the price is playing near 10.14 USD in the Level Fibonacci where both the broked price cloud hichimoku the which if it breaks that level and closed with a bearish candlestick is very likely to collapse further price ethereum, still to be confirmed the rupture of the cloud with the current delayed price (green line) and if so, the price could get to the next level of Fibonacci up to 7.06 USD, I hope to be wrong.
Remember, it is not a recommendation for buying and selling decisions made at your own risk.


As you read the ad, you can make payments and savings in gold! to acquire gold you can buy by credit or debit card, including bitcoins this option is that more opto because it is very easy to acquire bitcoins.
Once you have made your purchase gold can request the prepaid card which you can remove gold and cambiartelo by other currency already Euro, US Dollar or British Pound or if you like another better way, apply the physical gold to the door of your home! I personally opt for the prepaid card as it provides many facilities as you can make purchases on the Internet or anywhere in the world no matter where you live.

If you know something about bitcoins you can get each 15 minutes, and there a technical study about currencies like BTC/USD, ETH/BTC, XAU/USD (gold) and more.

viernes, 10 de junio de 2016


Hello how are you? as you can see in the chart NEXT price LTC / BTC we can see how the price touches the support of the cloud which makes rebound is where we expect the price is directed upward but do not know exactly when it does we can be optimistic as the price of Ichimoku indicator delayed because this far from the cloud which is also more than clear an uptrend. So the litecoin is not dead at all.
Remember is not a recommendation to buy or sell only do a technical study superficially

jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

Well well

Here we can see in the daily chart the price of ETH / USD which is playing a resistance which we can assume that could go down and then take strength then up aiming the $ 15 USD approximately and there is a Probability that the price to skyrocket, but remember this is only a superficial study, have a nice day.

lunes, 6 de junio de 2016


One issue that few know and many speculate .... so give my point of view this time and my decision based on my experience!
That is the Halving?
A halving in Bitcoin refers to the halving of the reward received miners to complete a transaction block. As we explained at times, mining is crucial to the security of the Bitcoin network, while it is a very complicated task, therefore, the Bitcoin protocol includes a mechanism to encourage people to undermine: every time solve a block miner does, receives a financial reward.