jueves, 23 de junio de 2016

Why the bitcoin price has dropped?

Surely wonder about the drastic fall that had the bitcoin, but first let's talk about why their rise that had some previous days, their rise was due to the devaluation that took the Chinese Yuan (CNY) where this significant influence on the price of bitcoin since also in china are important centers of mining, however let's focus on the recent slump that had the bitcoin from $ 778 dollars to $ 630 approximately, some analysis can influence the exchange house Bitfinex as it is one of platforms where mostly traded the bitcoin but a few days ago was in maintenance and caused panic among traders platform where they could not cancel their orders, another factor that could influence the price drop was the auction that took and in Australia out of 24,500 bitcoins which these were seized crime. Cryptoraiser team speculates that the price of bitcoin can reach the $ 800USD since these scenarios have already seen before. if you like to learn how to trade prices or other currencies criptomonedas and leave a comment and happy for the next entry share information about how to do technical analysis.

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