lunes, 4 de julio de 2016


Hello cryptoraisers how you can see we have reduced the rewards of satoshis since we are a few days of halving for the Bitcoin which we believe can positively affect the price, also consider the litecoin which also have features halving but this will happen to the first day of August.
So here we have the chart of silver daily which we can see the RSI indicator shows a huge overbought, this is because investors consider it as a good haven for their capital and other things that might affect positively like Brexit also if we look at the fibonacci retracement price touched the $ 21.00 USD where until that point there was a setback and which may be a correction and then continue until that point and expect a candle closing above that level and analyze patterns of candles.

You can get directly from this asset as silver and gold in Bitgold (GoldMoney) as you can see in the banner and apply for these precious metals to the door of your home.

Remember conduct their studies before operating these assets and take risks on their own decision.

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