jueves, 17 de mayo de 2018

Bets with Blockchain

 The dice bets have been complemented with the blockchain technology, which makes the implementation of this technology in the field of gambling an interesting thing.

Since the blockchain technology can be defined as a distributed accounting book where anyone can verify the transactions that have been made from one point to another. But according to the passage of time, this technology has evolved in terms of its applications in different areas, called health area, security, auditing, games, betting and among others.
Bets based on the Blockchain specifically using the Ethereum (ETH) or Ethereum Classic (ETC) has provided several opportunities to create different applications in the field of betting since it can also be considered as a database but decentralized
A decentralized database such as Ethereum (so to speak) or Ethereum Classic can be applied in an app or better called Dapp if it is developed in the blockchain Ethereum offers features such as eliminating the need to create accounts that entails a data record be name, email, number, country, etc.
If we compare the description of the previous paragraph with traditional casinos that handle with centralized database there you are putting your own money in the casino page where they have their own database where on the main page you will be observing a screen with your balance and some disadvantages that may arise in situations where the player beats the house, this can modify the balance or put some withdrawal constraints; This is where the blockchain goes into action eliminating some of those problems, since it is not necessary to keep a record as a user in certain websites of casinos, just use your wallet where you keep your cryptocurrency and private keys.
An example of dice game applying the Blockchain technology is the website ETC Royal where the Ethereum Classic (ETC) cryptocurrency is basically used to carry out such bets without registration, simply using a web wallet that allows interaction with the smart contract game based on the Blockchain...

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